Locations: Cincinnati, Ohio and Fargo, North Dakota

Clifton Labs is a growing software & systems engineering company with locations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Fargo, North Dakota. We build systems on a variety of platforms across a variety of domains. We strive to attract engineers who are tenacious, passionate, and thrive in a dynamic technology-centric environment.

We are linux heavy and open source friendly. Most of the projects we take on from our clients (or develop internally) touch the web in some way. The projects that we work reach wide across the computing spectrum and across multiple domains. We work with all of the following: web applications, cloud platforms, embedded devices, radio and communications, data and api services, mobile systems, rich interactive web interfaces, and beyond.

We strive to hire people who exhibit a few core traits: the ability to work within a wide variety of software languages and environments (breadth and depth of knowledge), who work well within a team without an ego, have a passion for continued growth and curiosity both professionally and personally, and the ability to produce quality engineering output despite ambiguity.

Apply by sending your resume, project examples, and short bio to jobs at

Full time employees enjoy the following benefits:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Small team size == high impact
  • Wide variety of technology exposure (and opportunities to learn new skills)
  • Monthly Tech Talks by Clifton Labs Employees
  • Health Insurance (+Vision/Dental)
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Company Holidays
  • Life Insurance
  • Extended Illness Benefit
  • Short Term Disability & Long Term Disability
  • Health Savings Account
  • Travel Opportunities
  • We believe in balanced work life (we rarely work weekends)

Open Positions:


C++ Software Engineer (Part-Time / Coop)

Experience Level: Junior to Intermediate

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Clifton Labs is a small computer engineering company that designs and implements many types of systems, including but not limited to wireless radio communications, full stack web applications, embedded firmware, and client specific projects. We use a variety of programming environments such as C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and Javascript.

This job posting is for a part-time software engineering position that has the potential to grow into full time in the future. This is a perfect fit for an undergraduate Senior, Graduate Student, or recent graduate looking for a flexible position. This position is in our Blue Ash office, during regular business hours (9am - 6pm) as scheduling allows.

We have a specific need on an upcoming project with a heavy focus on C++. The project is for an interactive system that runs in a Linux environment (using GTK). Applicants are required to be proficient in C++, with bonus points awarded for additional experience.

You'll be working as part of a new team to support this C++ project. There are opportunities for other project work as well, including embedded firmware development and web development (if candidates' skillset is appropriate).

An ideal candidate is someone who can work and be productive in a variety of areas in the software stack. We are a small team with in a fast paced engineering driven culture, and we want to work with team members who are sharp, can pick up technologies quickly, and work well with others. An ideal candidate will also have hobbyist (or professional) interest in emerging languages, compilers, and design patterns.

Minimum Requirements:
  • 2+ years experience of professional application development in a systems language like C, C++, Java (or similar)
  • Strong background in software engineering principles (testing, validation, verification, source control, documentation, team planning, etc)
  • Strong understanding of computer science principles, design patterns, and computer architecture
  • Knowledge of Operating Systems concepts: threading, system calls, memory management
  • Ability to analyze project requirements for the purpose of providing input for proposals, designs, and planning

Additional Nice To Have Skills:
  • Experience with graphics libraries and user interface design (like GTK)
  • Academic degree (BS, MS) in a software-related field or equivalent experience
  • Working experience with Linux
  • Knowledge of C++ standard library and features is appreciated
  • Experience with supporting production systems
  • Experience with embedded systems
  • Implementation of automated testing platforms and continuous integration