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We are Makers

As your local engineering partner, we build your product with a handshake and smile.

Since 1997, Clifton Labs has provided quality computer engineering and software development to the Cincinnati area (and as of 2013 to Fargo, North Dakota too!). From custom designed USB devices to modern web application development, we've got all the bases covered!

We are solutions oriented and engineering centric. To us, this means we are always sharpening our skills and evolving our trade. To you it means we use the best tools at our disposal to build your vision

Recent Projects Let's Chat

End to End Development


We write your software and build your hardware.

We build deployable software and hardware solutions, engineering prototypes, or pre-production prototypes. If we can't do it in house, we'll work with one of our local partners to get the job done.

In a city known for branding, we pride ourselves as being the "behind the scenes" guys. We thrive on process. Efficiency. Scaleablility. Security. We know what we're good at, and we know who to depend on for areas outside of our expertise.


Need a quick native iOS or Android app? No problem. Interested in a mobile bluetooth bridge to your sensor network? Sounds fun. Curious about jQuery mobile web apps, or up-and-coming cross platform tools like Cordova/PhoneGap or Titanium? Let's talk!



Just because we're fluent in modern web application development doesn't mean we've forgotten our engineering roots. Embedded linux, custom designed industrial controllers, usb devices... there is no project too strange for us to take on.



We're huge fans of open source software technologies and the communities behind them. Let's work together to leverage the power of community driven software. Of course, open source doesn't have to mean non-proprietary!


We are a designer's best friend

We work with local partners who are experts in their field: hardware engineering, web designers & branding visionaries, product development and industrial designers.

Are you a designer or agency who needs a dependable, quick, and talented team to handle the technical stuff? Seriously, let's talk! We won't let you down. We'll also support your client for the long-term so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Technologies We Enjoy

We believe in using the right tool for the job. That means that we've used a lot of tools and are dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments. Here are a few of the technologies we've worked with recently. Whatever your project requires, we probably have the expertise to help.

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c++ // linux, windows // java // c# // MVC.NET // vb.net Webforms // python, ruby, php // objective-C // gtk, wxWidgets, windows native // pyglet // opengl // numpy, matplotlib // Android // iOS // alsa-dev, RTP, SIP, TCP/IP, GPIO // USB libusb // boost // kernel development


nginx // apache // mysql // sql server // postgres // chef // vagrant // IIS // rackspace // linode // digital ocean // debian stable // iptables // haproxy // LAMP


custom electronics engineering (bothwith local engineering partners and in-house manufacturing) // usb device design // bluetooth interfaces // wearable computing // ARM // atmel // arduino // sensors // remote monitoring


bootstrap, foundation, jquery // angular.js, ember.js, knockout.js, backbone.js // flask, cherrypy // rails, sinatra, rack // node.js, go

Let's create technology together